Welcome to yet another iteration of my website.  This one was designed by the brilliant Danika Corrall and hits my pitch perfect mixture of optimism, misanthropy, and unicorns. 

Tomorrow the cover of my book DEAR RACHEL MADDOW will hit the Internets.

Some background on that:

Nine years ago, give or take, I spent a lot of time in the company of a Very Screamy Baby.  She might not have been the screamiest baby who ever screamed in Screamville, but she was at least in the top ten percent.  The only thing that would calm her was nonstop bouncing on a yoga ball.  The hours bouncing on a yoga ball are long.  The Beijing Olympics got me through her earliest days.  But the Games ended and I found little to replace them in the wee hours of night bouncing.

Then, one day, a news show debuted on MSNBC.  A news show that replayed at midnight, and possibly again later, I don’t remember, sleep deprivation made everything feel like it was a dream.  I would watch the show at least twice a day, but it was always like new because sleep deprivation. 

“Someone should write a YA DEAR MR HENSHAW reboot, Screamy Baby,” I would say. 

Screamy Baby would scream her agreement.

“Someone should write it to this woman.  She's so smart.  And funny.  At least I think she is, words have little meaning to me at the moment.”

Screamy Baby concurred. 

Years passed and no one wrote it.  I suggested it to a number of people, but there were no takers.  Scream Baby the Elder was joined by (Slightly Less So But Nonetheless Quite) Screamy Baby the Younger.  I kept on bouncing and watching. 

It became clear that no one was going to take me up on my Very Good Idea to write this book.  I was going to have to do it myself.  I thought at first that it could be a fictional newsperson, since Mr. Henshaw was fictional.  But my friend Jen said that I should just write the book that inspired me most.

So I did.

I admit that at the time I assumed no one would see it, so why the heck not write to Rachel Maddow?  Another one for the novel drawer!

But that’s not what happened.

 Instead it's a book, the cover for which will be out there in the world.